Elaine Carter

As a qualified midwife and pregnancy related yoga teacher I believe yoga in pregnancy can be very beneficial. Yoga prepares women physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by creating an inner strength which can leave them feeling empowered and connected with both herself and her unborn baby. Classes will cover moves/poses (asanas) to encourage optimal fetal positioning, alleviate minor conditions such as nausea and heartburn that are typically connected to pregnancy, breathing techniques (pranayama) and tips for labour and birth. The class will finish with a full relaxation (savasana).

Yoga in the postnatal period aims to help to restore the pelvic floor, stamina and core strength, realign the spine and promote general health. It also once again benefits women who are faced with the demands of being a new mum by focusing on their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Classes are from 6 weeks postnatal for a normal birth and 12 weeks postnatal following a caesarean or complicated birth.