Nnenna Chidolue

I am passionate about healing with movement.  

My foundation is in Classical Pilates. I graduated from The Pilates Centre Program and I teach the whole Classical Pilates repertoire (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, Ped o Pull).

I find Pilates perfect for healing injury, rehabilitating and strengthening the body. Realigning your posture and strengthening weakness in the body to reduce pain and strain. Also giving bodies which may seem to have no need the added nutritious movement they require to improve wellbeing.

The main aim is to Return the Body to Life through Uniform Development of the body, Breathing and Mindful Movement.

From initial assessment I aim understand your body, needs, goals, requirement, strengths and challenges. This continues throughout journey as we aim to building their own stronger, more resilient body.  I say ‘their own’ as all bodies differ for various reasons.  The needs and functional requirements and goals differ.

Clients will find they gain an intimate relationship with their body and gain knowledge on how to improve daily, outside sessions whatever the fitness level or challenge

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

The aim of this practise/session is to help mom prepare the body for birth, to relax and enjoy her pregnancy, gaining the trust in her ability to give birth to her baby.  Strengthening mind, body and building confidence.  Postpartum, we focus on assisting the body to recover from the birth acknowledging no two pregnancies or birth are similar.

The method offers women in the pre-natal stage (from the first trimester) gentle effective exercises to prepare the body through this period to birth. You also develop mind-body connection through pregnancy, maintaining and growing awareness to the many wonderful changes in your body and acknowledging the change in pregnancy is not only physical but also mental and emotional

Pre-Natal Sessions practise include:

§ Breathing and Releasing Techniques

§ Preparation for labor positions and encouraging ease of moment

§ Total body integration

§ Strengthen the pelvic floor

§ Attention to pregnancy posture

§ Education on the changes taking place throughout pregnancy

§ Early Post-Partum recovery exercises

The Post Natal experience:

After birth, you begin to work on some of the exercises to help your body recover from the birthing experience.

Post-Natal Sessions practise include:

§ Breathing and Releasing Techniques

§ Increasing strength of postpartum body gradually

§ Realigning of the pelvis to the spine

§ Deep core work 

§ Strengthen the pelvic floor, rehabilitate the body from surgical birth

§ Understanding the demands of new motherhood

Diastasis Recti (DR) Recovery

DR is the separation of the muscles along the midline of the abdomen, thought to be caused by the stretching of the fascial sheath that attaches into the linea alba.

The exerciseswork to heal and recover your body with specific exercises working to strengthen from the pelvic floor muscles.

(DR is not a side effect of pregnancy as it presents in women, men and babies.) 

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