Denise Burt

Advanced Clinical Massage is a very effective treatment for chronic pain, using cutting edge advanced massage and soft tissue techniques including trigger point, myofascial release, stretching and hot/cold stone treatment to reduce pain and injury, and we may use a combination of the many advanced techniques to create a session that is unique for you and your body.

Advanced massage techniques are effective in the treatment of chronic pain conditions such as:

Back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, RSI (repetitive strain injury), headaches and migraine, whiplash, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and tress related conditions.

Whether you experience chronic pain conditions described above or maybe you suffer from more common persistent muscle aches and tension in upper or lower back, neck or shoulders then this treatment is very effective and hugely beneficial’.

Just to give you some further insight, Clinical Massage works on a course of between 3-6 treatments, and each treatment is 1.5hrs, this can sometimes reduce to 1hr if the client is nearing the end of the course or their condition has improved and therefore they really do not need the full 1.5hr. But this would be discussed with the client during their course.

Just to give a little background on myself, I am also a qualified beauty therapist, amd skincare and massage were the areas that I wanted to specialise, and I stock Dermalogica Skincare brand. However, my passion for massage was ignited when I finally found a treatment that actually treated pain related conditions and I truly felt that I was doing something worthwhile.