“There are many times as a performer when you are injured and have no clue how you will do the show that night or indeed for the rest of the run, and enjoy it at the same time. This happened to me recently, and it was with Lindy’s help and expertise that i was able to get back in top form for the show. Not only is she masterful in her field, but is calm and gentle and reassuring that together you can work the situation out. I would go to her regularly if i lived in her area. i cannot recommend her highly enough and wish her all the best with the future.”

Sally Ann Triplett

“Over the years I have needed the help of physiotherapists and have always found them to be professional and supportive. I am pleased to say that having moved to this area and requiring help which mobility issues and pain management I have found that within this group the help I have received is invaluable. With the added introduction of acupuncture for maintenance I feel very fortunate.”

Kathy D

“I was recommended by a friend and I was not at all dissapointed. Friendly welcoming staff and accurate diagnosis soon put me on the right exercises and treatment to resume my sports activities and cure the problem.”

Mike W

“Following surgery for a melanoma, I required to have total auxiliary clearance of my lymph nodes. As a result of this surgery I have developed severe lymphoedema which effects my arm, and breast. Life became very miserable as I could not function normally or lift up my arm on the effected side. I started to attend Lindy Griffiths Physiotherapy clinic at Bosham. Lindy is proficient at kinetic taping and together with massage and within a short time I could move my arm above my head, and the taping helped to disperse the collection of lymphatic fluid by direction it into my lymph nodes in my back. The NHS lymphoma nurse spoke to me about this treatment but she didn’t know any practitioner who offered it. Fortunately for me I had already found Lindy and have continued my treatment with her. Lymphodema is a common side effect of the very necessary surgery to prevent the spread of malignant tumours. It is very uncomfortable, but with correct treatment this can be much improved and kinetic taping has certainly done this for me. I can now forget about my symptoms and get on with my life. Thank you very much Lindy for all you ongoing care.”

Janet W

I was stuck in a cycle of migraines every two weeks and having to rely on lots of migraine medication. A friend recommended that I see Lindy, who was offering specialist treatment for migraines. I was a little sceptical but I thought at that stage, anything was worth a try! I saw Lindy weekly for about 10 sessions and during that time my migraines became far less severe.  Now I very rarely suffer from a bad migraine attack. I still see Lindy about once a month to keep the headaches at bay, and she recommends exercises that I can do at home. The treatment has significantly changed the quality of my every day existence and I recommend her to anyone that suffers from migraines. She is a miracle worker.

Helen Barker

Dear Lindy,

As I haven’t been to see you for a while I thought I should tell you that there is a big improvement in the situation. Still a few aches but sooooo much better. I did a three mile walk yesterday on the Downs and it’s ages since I have been able to do that so I am delighted. So thank you for sorting me out and if I think I need some more tweaking I’ll come and see you again.
Kind regards,
From Janet H
10 February 2015